Attention Attorneys!

Why is it important for you to know a good bail bondsman?

Even if you don't practice criminal law, sooner or later one of your clients may have to post bail. When they do, chances are they're going to ask their attorney to refer them to a competent bondsman. The bail bondsmen listed on this site have been pre-screened and pre-qualified prior to acceptance into our program. We allow only a limited number of bail bondsmen to participate, as to ensure the best possible choices. From the directory on this site you can link directly into the bail bondsmen's agency Web site or contact them directly from this site.

In this site you will also find a directory of criminal defense attorneys provided as additional resource for those still in need if legal representation. The attorneys listed in this directory are designated as LawInfo Lead Counsel Members, which means that they too, have been pre-screened and met specific practice requirements. If you would like to apply for the Lead Counsel Program and be listed on this site, as well as many, many others as a result, please submit the following application and someone will contact you shortly.

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